What Next?

We are here to help you in every stage of your pets lives, including what comes after they pass

If you have ever lost a pet, you know firsthand how painful it is. It is said that our pets are such an important part of our family and when they pass the grieving process is likened to that of losing a loved one.

For years there has never really been a place to memorialize our pets’ lives and how much they are missed. Below are some suggestions on what to do next to memorialize the loss of your pet.

  • Write an obituary. We can assist. Simply call or email us and we would be happy to assist with writing the celebration of life for your pet
  • Publish the obituary notice in the newspaper and online at www.petnotices.com
  • Find a suitable pet cemetery or choose cremation for your pet
  • Hold a memorial service
  • Add to your pet’s life story online at www.petnotices.com